Understanding the Workings of British Government, Parliament and Select Committees

Duration: 2 days
Price: £590 + VAT
Location: Currently booking on face-to-face course


Aim: To help participants improve their understanding of the UK government and the relationships between officials, Ministers, Parliament and the public.

Welcome and Introduction

Government Framework Exercise

  • How it all fits together

The PM, Cabinet and Ministers

  • Powers and functions

Devolved Government in Scotland, Wales & N. Ireland



  • The parliamentary process
  • How it holds government to account

The Civil Service

  • Structures and principles
  • Working for Ministers


Policy Evaluation Skills

Duration: 2 Days
Price: £745 + VAT
Location: In-person: Central London
Date: 2022-03-15


This online course will provide an introduction to policy evaluation. It will cover how to evaluate the nature and magnitude of the problem at hand as well as the complexity of the causes, consequences and interacting components of the underlying issues. The course will then cover how to develop and test a theory of change at different levels of analysis and complexity.

The second day of the course will focus on methods of impact and process evaluation. Participants will be asked to read ahead of time case studies of different evaluation approaches that have been used in policy evaluation and discuss them during break-out group sessions.

Day 1-Session 1



What is policy evaluation?

·   Evaluation and the policy process

·   Monitoring vs evaluation

·   Impact and process evaluation

·   Different Meanings of Impact

·   Quantitative and qualitative evaluation

Group Q/A and discussion  







Evaluating the Problem – Reducing drug-related crime

·   Situation Analysis

·   What is the nature, magnitude and causes of the problem at hand?

Group Work:

·   Problem-Tree analysis – identifying causes, consequences and interacting components. How complex is the complexity of the problem?

Feedback from group work








Identifying Policy Options

·    Evaluating existing policy levers – are they working?

·    What has worked elsewhere? -  Using existing evidence

·    Stakeholder involvement

Group Work:

·   Identifying policy options for reducing drug-related crime

Feedback from group work



Day 1-Session 2











Establishing a Theory of Change – Dealing with Complexity

·  How is a policy supposed to work?

·  Inputs, activities, agencies, outputs, outcomes

·    Evaluating policy effectiveness at different levels– individual, social, physical environment, macro-sectorial.

·  Testing assumptions using quantitative and qualitative methods/data

Group work:

· Drug courts – building a theory of change for how drug courts are supposed to work

Feedback from group work









Developing a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

·    Selecting indicators

·    Developing a monitoring and evaluation matrix

·    Data transfer – from Excel to statistical software

·    Developing and monitoring delivery trajectories


Group work:

What indicators might be used to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of drug courts?

Feedback from group work



Day 2- Session 1














Counterfactual Impact Evaluation

·  What is ‘counterfactual’ evaluation?

·  Interrupted Time Series design

·  Matched comparison design (Propensity Score Matching)

·  Difference-in-Differences

·  Regression Discontinuity Design

·  Randomised Controlled Trials

Group Work:

In small groups participants will discuss case studies of each of the counterfactual impact evaluation methods above. These case studies will have been distributed electronically to be read before the training.

Feedback from group work:

What have participants learned about the use of counterfactual impact evaluations for policy evaluation?



Day 2-Session 2










Process Evaluation

·   What is process evaluation?

·   Evaluating the fidelity and quality of implementation

·   Clarifying causal mechanisms

·   identifying contextual factors affecting implementation and outcomes

Group Work:

In small groups participants will discuss case studies of process implementation. Case studies will have been distributed electronically to be read before the training.

Day 2 Session 2












Evidence Synthesis

·  Harnessing what is already known

·  Different types of research synthesis

·  The structure of a systematic review

·  Examples of evidence synthesis for policy making

·  Sources of sound evidence from systematic reviews

Group work:

In small groups participants will discuss the potential for using evidence synthesis in their policy evaluation work.

Feedback from group work

Chairing & Facilitation Skills

Duration: 1 Day
Price: £350 + VAT
Date: 2022-09-26


Participants will understand and practise the skills crucial to effectively chairing and facilitating both meetings and working groups. It will deliver practical tools that will raise confidence when offering authentic leadership, encouraging participation, structuring conversations, and assertively keeping groups to order. This creative and practical session will give participants the ability to put these tips and tools directly into their everyday life.

In-house Consultancy Skills

Duration: 1 Day
Price: £350 + VAT
Date: 2022-09-19


This two-day workshop will enable delegates to explore and practise the key skills and behaviours required to confidently partner and offer effective solutions to internal stakeholders and customer groups.

They will start to build their own personal ‘brand’ by understanding and experiencing personal impact, trust and rapport. They will also examine the elements of effectively diagnosing customer needs.

The workshop is highly interactive and allows for bespoke feedback from qualified actor/coaches. Delegates should bring examples of challenging conversations they have experienced, or they think they might experience in their workplace.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Duration: 1 Day
Price: £390 + VAT
Date: 2022-09-13


Attendees will explore basic and advanced principles of coaching and create their own framework for good coaching practice. This online course is taught by an executive coach who is highly experienced in delivering coaching and personal impact sessions. As part of the course, participants will receive impactful personal feedback, enabling attendees to develop and refine their coaching skills, within the context of operating within government. Attendees will formulate an action plan to ensure coaching becomes an integral part of their management practice. Places are restricted to a maximum of six delegates.

 N.B. We also offer ‘1-2-1 Professional Development Coaching

Personal development coaching focuses on increasing your self-awareness, looking at your life goals, challenges and aspirations. 

Our qualified coach will help you recognise where you want to be and how to get there. We’ll work with you to create a bespoke development package.

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