Assertive Conversations

Duration: 1 Day
Price: £495 + VAT


With more people managing remotely, this session will examine the tools that allow for effective two-way conversations and looks at techniques that can be adopted when the stakes are raised. Feel confident giving effective feedback and asking for what you really want from a situation. Bespoke practice offers an opportunity to receive and provide critical feedback.

Participants will:

  • Recognise common obstacles that get in the way of these conversations, and how to overcome them
  • Discover the benefits of having these conversations
  • Learn how to control their emotions
  • Learn how to manage other's behaviour during conflict

Preparing for an Interview

Duration: 1 or Half Day


A practical one day or half day workshop which will assist attendees in preparing for interviews.

What does it cover?

The course can be designed around a specific organisation's recruitment and selection process or cover techniques which would apply to a range of organisations. Depending on the length of course selected it will cover the following areas:

Assessment of your current situation
Consultation to identify what is important to you at work
A checklist to identify your current work skills and any skills gaps
Confidence boosters

Job search
Where to find the jobs you are interested in

CVs and application forms
How to write a professional CV
How to fill in an application form effectively

Preparation for Interview
Preparing for the interview
Creating a positive first impression
Predictable areas of questioning
Additional forms of assessment
Competency based questions
Using the STAR technique

Interview practice
Preparation of answers to positive and contrary questions
Dealing with poor interviewers and bad questions
Practice answering questions 
Questions you should ask

What will I learn?

By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Have assessed what is important to you at work 
  • Have identified your current skills 
  • Have explored ways of filling any skills gaps and boosting your confidence 
  • Know how to prepare a professional CV and/or complete an application form effectively 
  • Have identified what you need to do to prepare for an interview 
  • Know how to answer a range of interview questions 
  • Have explored other methods of assessment used by organisations 
  • Have prepared answers to likely interview questions 
  • Have practised answering questions by being 'interviewed' by another attendee 
  • Have identified questions you could ask in interview

Negotiating Skills

Duration: 1 or Half Day
Price: TBA

Programme Objectives

Participants will understand the dynamics of negotiation and how to apply best practice to their negotiations to achieve successful implementations and build co-operative relationships.

Learning Goals

By the end of the programme participants will be able to do the following:

  • understand the dynamics of negotiation
  • plan a principled negotiation
  • understand and empathise with the other parties’ interests
  • give and obtain appropriate negotiating mandates
  • work creatively to generate workable options
  • plan strategically to be influential and persuasive
  • manage the process and phases of a negotiation meeting
  • establish and maintain a healthy working climate
  • appreciate the importance of using negotiating “behaviours”
  • handle adjournments, manage teams and be conscious of body language
  • listen for the other party's real needs, feelings and intentions
  • lead relationships - away from
  • conflict and towards joint problem solving

Train the Trainer

Duration: 1 or Half Day
Price: TBA
Code: PPER


If you are responsible for training other people in your organisation, this course will equip you with both the theory and the practical techniques to develop and deliver polished and professional training sessions.

What will I learn?
  • Design training material from scratch 
  • Explore how adults learn and consider different learning styles 
  • Structure a training session 
  • Develop course materials 
  • Sharpen your presentation skills 
  • Learn how to incorporate participative training methods 
  • Develop your facilitation skills

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Harnessing Productivity: Unlocking Extra Time

Duration: 1 Day
Price: £440 + VAT
Date: 2021-03-30
While we can't create more time, we can use time management skills to increase productivity, improve quality of work and reduce procrastination. This is even more important when working from home. 
This course is highly participatory. You will leave with a personal action plan and discover tools to utilise your time more practically.
Learning objectives: 
* Identify how much of your time is used productively
* Understand your preferred ways of working and how those impact on your time and productivity
* Define your "Time Stealers" and practical ways to overcome them
* Apply a range of simple tools and techniques to help make better use of your time


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