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Assertive and Impactful Conversations in the Government Analytical Service


This one-day Masterclass will enable participants to explore and improve their verbal communication skills when dealing with others within the Government Analytical Service.

The course will explore what is meant by assertive communication and give attendees the opportunity to explore ways of engaging with others with greater impact. This main focus will be on equipping participants with the skills needed to conduct effective meetings, manage difficult conversations and/or deliver powerful feedback to Ministers, senior managers, or staff.

With a maximum of four delegates per coach, it will be a highly interactive course with the chance to practice new skills and techniques in a variety of settings using case studies and actor-coaches. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the concept of assertive communication within the context of the Government Analytical Service and its importance in effective verbal communication.
  2. Develop techniques to engage with others in a more impactful manner, considering the specific needs and expectations of Ministers, senior managers, and policy colleagues.
  3. Acquire skills to conduct effective meetings within the Government Analytical Service, including agenda setting, facilitating discussions, and achieving desired outcomes.
  4. Gain strategies for managing difficult conversations confidently and constructively, particularly when addressing sensitive topics or dealing with challenging individuals.
  5. Learn how to deliver powerful feedback to staff members, focusing on providing constructive criticism, highlighting achievements, and fostering a positive working environment.
  6. Enhance active listening skills to improve comprehension, empathy, and responsiveness during verbal communication.
  7. Practice new communication techniques and strategies through interactive exercises, role plays, and case studies, with the guidance of actor-coaches.
  8. Develop self-awareness of personal communication styles, strengths, and areas for improvement, allowing for continuous professional growth in verbal communication skills.
  9. Build a network of peers within the Government Analytical Service, fostering collaboration, shared learning, and ongoing support in improving verbal communication capabilities.

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