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Enhancing Workplace Resilience


The purpose of this structured resilience development programme will help you to become more resilient at work and will furnish you with techniques to enhance resilience in your staff. Resilience is about your capacity to adapt positively to pressure, setbacks, challenges and change and ideally emerge stronger, or at least not weaker.  What supports resilience is a particular pattern of attitudes, behaviours and skills that can be learned, all of which act to maintain wellbeing, act as a buffer against stress and can enhance objective performance. 

Our starting point will be to increase your level of self-awareness of your own resilience strengths and to prioritise your areas of development; then to expose you to a range of different approaches to building resilience and provide some practical tools, exercises and perspectives for how you might utilise those approaches in your daily life.  We aim to be supportive, to help build your confidence and your capacity to support others, while at the same time not shying away from facing and addressing key areas of development.  Finally, we will facilitate you in your goal setting in order to better enable you to integrate and use the content of this programme for your long term practical benefit.   

Overview of the resilience development programme

This is a three stage development programme consisting of the following;

  • completion of a detailed resilience questionnaire and one to one feedback;
  • completion of three short pre-workshop exercises to further build your awareness of resilience and,
  • a face to face resilience workshop with up to eight delegates. 
  • There is also an optional one to one coaching session available at additional charge to allow each delegate to review their progress and refine resilience goals.

Process for each delegate

  • Sign up for the programme
  • Complete the resilience questionnaire online in your own time – typically takes up to 30 minutes.
  • Pre-workshop homework activities – You will also be emailed three short pre-workshop exercises (and explanatory material) and asked to complete them before you come to the workshop.   
  • Receive a soft copy of the resilience questionnaire results.  We will arrange a specific time slot convenient for you to have a one to one telephone feedback session to discuss your questionnaire results. 
  • One to one telephone feedback of your resilience questionnaire.  The session, to last up to 45 mins, ideally to take place one to two weeks before the workshop.  The aim is to help you to better understand your resilience questionnaire results, including current areas of strength and development. 
  • Workshop day with up to 8 delegates (an arrival time of 10.15, but starting at 10.30am and finishing at 4.30 pm).   In this session we will review a range of approaches to building resilience, give you the opportunity to apply them to the current challenges you have in your life and set out your own resilience goals. 
  • The workshop will focus on three broad areas of building resilience which we will aim to put into the context of the government analytical service:
    • Thinking - how you view yourself and the future (covering such things as self-belief, cognitive biases / distortions, thinking with optimism).
    • Emotions – managing emotional expression, becoming more aware of your feeling and what is important to you, harnessing them to useful effect.
    • Attitude to change and challenge - some practical tools for responding effectively to change and challenging situations. 

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