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Managing Harassment and Bullying at Work


A half day workshop for managers* which will assist them in identifying and dealing with harassment and bullying at work. (*This workshop can be adapted for non-management staff and mixed groups of managers and staff).

What does it cover?

The course will be designed around the organisation's procedures on dealing with harassment and bullying at work and the types of allegations and incidents they have experienced. It will cover the following areas:

Definitions and examples
How harassment and bullying is defined
The many forms, both covert and overt, that harassment and bullying can take

The legal perspective
The Equality Act 2010 and how it defines harassment and bullying, including third party harassment
Organisational and personal responsibilities in this area
Dealing with unfounded allegations and malicious claims

Dealing with workplace allegations and incidents
Examination of a range of relevant workplace allegations and incidents and how they could be resolved

Organisational procedures
Using the organisation's procedures to support managers and staff in dealing with situations

Effective management strategies for preventing harassment and bullying at work
Role modelling appropriate behaviour
When to intervene to prevent situations escalating
Creating an environment free from harassment and bullying

What will I learn?

By the end of the workshop, managers will be able to:

  • Identify how harassment and bullying are defined
  • Recognise the many forms harassment and bullying can take at work, both overt and covert
  • Recognise the difference between performance management and harassment or bullying
  • Identify how the law deals with incidents of harassment and bullying and the responsibilities of the organisation and persons involved
  • Deal with a range of allegations and incidents more effectively
  • Use the organisation's procedures effectively to offer support and/or deal with situations
  • Identify ways they can make their workplaces free from harassment and bullying

Course tutor Josie Hastings

Using Actor Led Interventions to Enhance the Training

All our courses offer the option to work with professional actors to bring the 'theory to life' replacing the need for participants to role-play on courses. Our actors are trained in coaching skills, giving effective feedback and questioning techniques and have worked with a wide range of Government departments, corporate and other public sector clients.

The types of interventions they offer include:

Forum Theatre: The group watches a scene tailored to a real situation from their workplace and then get to re-direct the action. It's an invaluable way to experience the changes in a relationship when the participants adapt their conversations and behaviour.

Demonstration of Theory: Our actors bring 'theory' to life. They will skillfully and realistically create scenarios that allow the group to experience theory in practice. Participants then practise how to deal with the situation themselves.

One to One interactions: This allows for an in depth practise with an actor/coach of a delegate's real-life challenging conversation with a staff member. They are able to stop-start the dialogue and get honest feedback from the 'other' person? It's an opportunity for some life changing 'light-bulb moments.

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