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Preparing for Grade 7 in Government


This course is for experienced members of the GES, GSR, GSS and GORS, who are, or will soon be, responsible for managing staff and starting to have a representation role for in the Analytical Service.  The aim of this course is to equip participants with many of the key skills needed to perform effectively at this level in the government analytical service.  It is a highly engaging programme, comprising of 2x2 day modules, each focusing on a different aspect of the skills required to attain high performance at this level.  Each participant will receive personalised feedback on his or her impact and approach and coaching.

Key Features 

  • 121 Coaching and feedback on personal approach
  • Practice sessions tailored to your profession and the wider analytical environment
  • Practice of critical interactions you find yourself in at this level with feedback and support
  • Networking with colleagues

Module 1: Managing Junior Analysts 

This 2-day module has a focus on the challenges of managing junior Analysts within the wider analytical environment.  Being able to harness potential from your team to maximise performance both as individual contributors and as a team with a common purpose.  The module explores key challenges in motivation and performance management, how to set Analysts up for considerations around engagement and motivation.  The programme is delivered in a highly interactive environment using case studies, discussion, facilitator input and practice with ‘real life’ scenarios.  Each participant receives personal 121 coaching and feedback on their approach and leaves with an action plan specific to their team to implement and see results first hand. 

  • What it means to have a High Performance mindset within the Analytical Service
  • Conducting effective 121s with Analysts that lead to engagement and performance
  • How to navigate difficult performance conversations with Analysts
  • Understanding and harnessing staff motivation
  • Bespoke practice session

 Module 2: Presence, Impact, and Negotiation Skills

The focus of module 2 encourages the delegates to extend their focus beyond their teams to the skills needed to maximise their effectiveness in the wider analytical community.  Over 2 days the programme explores negotiating with contractors, getting a voice in the room when meeting Ministers and senior government officials and presenting at events.  It is highly interactive with chances to practice new skills and techniques in a variety of settings and learn from both the course facilitators and each other.  The programme concludes with a chance to design their own tailored role-play and receive feedback on a live interaction that they need to have with a key stakeholder.  

  • Identifying stakeholders within the internal and external environment
  • How to negotiate effectively with Contractors and external stakeholders to achieve win:win outcomes
  • Working with senior stakeholders whist communicating with impact and presence
  • How to engage an audience in meetings, presentations and conferences
  • Bespoke practice session

How our virtual classrooms work

Our Virtual Classroom courses allows you to attend our classroom training without leaving your home or office. We use the ‘Microsoft Teams’ meeting software. Before you attend, please check that you meet the system requirements. If it doesn’t work, try adjusting your settings or contact your IT department to ask about permitting the website.

You are also welcome to use your personal laptop, tablet or even your smart phone. Please just forward our course invite to your personal email, or just copy and paste the link into your browser.

If you encounter any problems, please feel free to get in touch. We can set up a test meeting before the course.

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