Courses for Personal Effectiveness

Preparing for Interview


A practical one day or half day workshop which will assist attendees in preparing for interviews.

What does it cover?

The course can be designed around a specific organisation's recruitment and selection process or cover techniques which would apply to a range of organisations. Depending on the length of course selected it will cover the following areas:

Assessment of your current situation
Consultation to identify what is important to you at work
A checklist to identify your current work skills and any skills gaps
Confidence boosters

Job search
Where to find the jobs you are interested in

CVs and application forms
How to write a professional CV
How to fill in an application form effectively

Preparation for Interview
Preparing for the interview
Creating a positive first impression
Predictable areas of questioning
Additional forms of assessment
Competency based questions
Using the STAR technique

Interview practice
Preparation of answers to positive and contrary questions
Dealing with poor interviewers and bad questions
Practice answering questions 
Questions you should ask

What will I learn?

By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Have assessed what is important to you at work 
  • Have identified your current skills 
  • Have explored ways of filling any skills gaps and boosting your confidence 
  • Know how to prepare a professional CV and/or complete an application form effectively 
  • Have identified what you need to do to prepare for an interview 
  • Know how to answer a range of interview questions 
  • Have explored other methods of assessment used by organisations 
  • Have prepared answers to likely interview questions 
  • Have practised answering questions by being 'interviewed' by another attendee 
  • Have identified questions you could ask in interview

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