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Managing Analytical Projects Course


Virtually every piece of work done by analysts, economists and researchers is a project, or could benefit from applying project-thinking.  Success (or failure) increasingly depends on understanding the needs and motivations of those commissioning the work and adopting a flexible enough approach to deliver against on-time and budget, to agreed objectives.  

Together with real case studies of analytical projects, this course also contains sessions which are of particular importance to analysts, such as; collaborating across analytical specialisms, managing the contractual relationships, politically awards results, publication, the ROAMEF model and getting research used.

The workshop uses delegates' own projects and experience to introduce methods for managing analytical projects from end-to-end, using relevant tools along the way.  It also emphasises the people management aspects required to ensure stakeholders support and engage with analysts.  A pre-requisite is therefore for delegates to have an analytical project currently underway, or be about to start one an.

This course receives consistently excellent feedback. 100% of delegates who completed the course agree that the course meets its objectives.

Comments include:
"Thanks for making learning about a seemingly uninteresting topic enjoyable, relevant and useful." 
"An excellent course. I really enjoyed the course and will take a lot away from it." 
"Pace and Pitch were perfect, with great examples. All of it was contemporary and tied in to the overall course aims.” 

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