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Creative Thinking for Policy Design and Decision Making

Government Analysts: Developing Creative Thinking Skills for Effective Policy and Decision Making

Our background, education, workplace and even friends, can sometimes smother our creativity. Feedback such as 'that won't work' is commonplace. With time and cost constraints, being creative can seem indulgent. It isn't. Not only will creativity enrich your decision making and policymaking, it is an effective way of making the process faster, simpler and better. It's true that Analysts are logical thinkers but it's an unfair assumption that Analysts / Economists lack creativity. This one-day course aimed at Government Analysts will enhance delegates' creative policymaking skills and encourage innovative ways of thinking from the teams they work with.

Learning Outcomes:

  • An understanding of creative decision making and policy-making ideas and methods;
  • Understanding of when and how to apply creative policy-making techniques in the real world;
  • Identify solutions and tackle problems in a timely and cost efficient way;
  • Creation of better policy for Ministers and the public more widely;
  • Able to facilitate increased engagement, better ideas and a problem-solving mentality, collaboratively;
  • Explore the tools and techniques then put them into practice;
  • Be aware of the limitations of conventional problem solving approaches;
  • Creative thinking techniques and their application During the workshop, participants will:
  • be equipped to identify, select and use creative-thinking techniques to generate and evaluate ideas
  • be equipped to use innovation and critical thinking, both as individuals and in teams
  • develop cognitive abilities and use tools to break down the barriers to creativity and innovation
  • apply innovation and creative thinking to day-to-day policy work examples 

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